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Different Ways to Use a Magnetic Knife Holder

Multiple Ways to Use a Magnetic Knife Holder other than kitchen

Magnetic knife holders are a great way to save space in the kitchen, but you may know use this magnetic strips more than just knives to organizing every room and space in your home. Since arranging revolutionary magnetic knife strips with all these ideas, now I want to add a couple to nearly every room in my house. Use the below-mentioned ideas for your home.


Magnetic knife holder 2


  1. There is no law that on an open wall a knife rack must go. Large devices are kept in the back of a drawer.
  2. A great way to keep safe and easy to access is to store extra food processor blades on a magnetic knife strip inside a cabinet.
  3. Also, Ikea admits that holding things other than knives is good for their magnetic knife racks. We show how to use them to store paintbrushes (although if you let wet brushes dry you should really flip them over). 
  4. These design tools are on the side of a storage bin on an unexpected but convenient spot. 
  5. When you need them, it's easy to grab tools and ideas on a magnetic knife strip. 
  6. This vertically oriented magnetic knife strip is a clever place for keys to be kept, and anything else you need to pick on the doorway. For small spaces, it is a particularly smart approach. 
  7. On a magnetic knife rack, keep the drill bits set.
  8. Place under a shelf or cabinet a knife strip and use it to store bits and bobs in containers.
  9. This trick works for spices as well as anything else that fits in a small jar.
  10. Such magnetic wooden strips make your show of art and photos easy to rotate.
  11. An easy method to store garden tools on a magnetic knife holder.
  12. Pack supplies, paintbrushes, and add a couple of containers to pack non-magnetic small items. 
  13. You may be able to store some jewelry on a magnetic knife rack if it's the right type of material.

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